Pharmaceutical Sponsoring
& France Direct Purchasing

Leading laboratories, leaders in their segment, agreed to place their trust in B2B Pharma for the promotion of their products catalog to pharmaceutical procurement decision makers operating in retail pharmacies or to pharmaceutical distributors (wholesale Distributors, Wholesale Distributor for export).
Our teams provide:
  • The relay of information between the laboratory and pharmacy outlet
  • The staff training
  • The placement of orders at the point of sale or within procurement agencies when allowed by the law
  • We apply the trade policy developed by the laboratory and conduct on its request the annual negotiations if required

B2B PHARMA develops the converged business interests of its laboratories and purchasers partners.

B2B PHARMA relies on the effects of the fundamental drivers that are products highlighting, teams’ involvement and the dynamics of the retail outlets, to make of the pharmacy stores and laboratory relationship, a successful partnership!

The storage to destination, the preparations of orders to destination and the deliveries to destination are expensive and represent many consuming margin factors that could benefit to the procurement pharmaceutical structures at destination.

The logistics responsiveness of our partner laboratories billing from France, allows you to combine flexibility in supply and competitive prices. Our partners are actually manufacturer and / or operator and pool orders preparations.

The savings generated by the absence of intermediaries in the distribution supply chain are automatically brought to the income statement for our customers!

100% of supplies are now operated from France with making freight available within 10 days maximum.

Our teams are in charge of the relay of the administrative information between the pharmacist and the laboratory: proforma and order confirmation, logistics tracking of shipped goods, express troubleshooting solving, plane ...

A true turnkey service ...!

Your partner for optimized procurement solutions

The preferred intermediary between the laboratory and the purchasing customer,
Entrust us with your commercial developments!